Winnie-the-Kodiak (madam_silvertip) wrote in save_earthsea,

It has been a while.

Folks, the reason you have not seen anything here so long is twofold or maybe threefold:

1. The initial response was underwhelming, including some cogent remarks by a number of folks who asked what in the world could be done at this point. That made sense, though on the whole, the lack of interest was...depressing. So for mental health reasons I let it go a long time.
2. During this time, I have been thinking about a project of a different nature than that advertised here, and keeping it to myself. I know this might sound like dirty pool of the individualistic variety but while committees are great, they are no substitute for committment, and I at least knew I was interested in thinking about this and asking myself how it could get done. So...more news when I know someone will work on it, and then, the more the merrier.
3. I have been busy.

So nice to hear from those who did post, and thanks for hanging in there and waiting for some news.
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