Winnie-the-Kodiak (madam_silvertip) wrote in save_earthsea,
save_earthsea has been FOREVER, but...

I am announcing the new, improved Save Earthsea plan.

I'm looking around to find people who might be interested in contributing a piece of creative writing to a prospective anthology of antiracist responses to the Earthsea debacle. I reserve the right to edit and indeed to reject, but anyone can submit writing if they wish provided they understand I don't have a publisher and am yet at the very initial stage of this project. I don't know how long it would be before it would be ready to shop around, however, a year or even two is likely (and I try to be optimistic). It all depends on who I can find and it also assumes a generous amount of time allotted to contributors. Contributions may be essays, personal or scholarly; humor; poetry; even fiction or cartooning--whatever you feel expresses your response most creatively.

If no one here is interested, don't feel bad. This site looks likeliest to become my blog concerning new Earthsea developments. Right now there aren't any, though the horror in New Orleans makes one newly aware of the need for antiracist perspectives in science fiction. How many future-disaster stories can you think of from the perspective of people of color? Yet guess who is at SuperBelsen???

OK, off the soapbox--at my husband's suggestion I have actually switched the channel from CNN for a couple of hours, but the people in New Orleans cannot, and we face the true beginning of the greenhouse future. It is up to us not to do it alone.

Best to everyone who has stuck around.
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