Winnie-the-Kodiak (madam_silvertip) wrote in save_earthsea,

There's some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is that I have received more thoughtful comments about Earthsea, the discrepancy between the program and the books, and the site, than I have been able to answer in the last few days. People care about this issue.

The bad news is that I have not received a similar response to the Names project, and am considering pulling it for now. It's a minimum of $500 for me out of pocket to put up enough cash to make it a significant statement. I don't mind doing this at all if people are avid to join in, but if they're not, it seems totally counter to the spirit of the thing to go around wringing signatures out of people as for the latest bill in Congress. The idea was to give people a chance to express themselves. If there was an enthusiastic response on LJ, I'd take the next step and shop it around on political and sf-related mailing lists and the like, but if the response is more guarded, it may be a lot of wasted effort. Plus, being too raucous about it in the SF/fantasy community might be counterproductive.

I hate to sound like I'm giving up. I'm not. I'm just considering if it is time to change approach on this.
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