The Chronicles of the Earthsea Riots

Kicking Columbus out of Earthsea
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This community is dedicated to fighting the bowdlerization of Ursula K. Le Guin's "Earthsea" books by a recent "SciFi Channel" production that portrayed all the main characters as white. (Except for Tenar, who's white--the minority in Earthsea. Go figure. Danny Glover plays Ogion; but it's symptomatic that in this production, it's hard to think of him as a major player, even with Le Guin's gracious commendation for him and all the other actors in the series. The point of Ogion was to be Ogion, not one black person of mysterious origin.)

The immediate focus will be to gain support for a modest project to limit the damage done by this vicious and unacceptable bowdlerization, from the point of view of all antiracists, educators, writers, parents, librarians, and others entrusted with handing a legacy of antiracism and nonracism down to the next generations, however many will exist. Even if it is only one, and there isn't much left for them to love, they deserve the real Le Guin.

Whilst the moderator deplores what she has heard of the artistic bowdlerization of the books, welcomes rants and analysis to this effect, and will have more to say on the topic after viewing the soon-to-be released DVD, the scope of the efforts that will be actively supported by this community is limited to antiracist work. The moderator takes the view that freedom of opinion is permitted as to the miniseries' artistic merits and the degree of adaptation one may expect in a film. This is not the case with physical misrepresentation of an issue that may be said to define the books as a sine qua non.

The moderator does not claim to be an expert on Le Guin. Some of you probably know more than I do, though I have read most of Le Guin's books and was sufficiently moved by them to create this community (though even that has no real bearing on the main issue). Nor should anyone who cares about this disgrace feel the need to be an expert on Le Guin, on science fiction/fantasy, on feminist science fiction/fantasy, on the authors named on the interests page, etc., let alone to agree with everything said or written by any or all of them. The community welcomes watchers and people who care, without necessarily being sure of what they will do about the issue. And the interests listed are designed to reach a fairly wide sampling of people who care.

There are as yet no rules for joining. Antifeminist or any other trolls won't be tolerated, and I expect people to be kind to each other: we are in this together. I will probably put up a few simple rules for following the procedure of the project I am working out (which will take another few weeks, with logistics alone). If the need for other rules presents itself, I will let you know.

The project which community members and others will have the opportunity to contribute to immediately is only one. If you want to form your own collaborations or solo projects on the issue, that's splendid, and it would be great to hear about other people's ideas for the like. As community moderator and organizer for one specific project, I don't take the responsibility for others' implementation. That shouldn't keep people from talking about what else they think should be done. If you find someone who wants to work with you and vice versa, let an archipelago be born. It would be lovely for it to be born here in part. This invitation is extended especially to people of color: though I am white, and Le Guin is white, and a lot of white people are upset about this, all people who care need to talk to each other at the planning stages rather than impose a one-size-fits-all. So if the specific project doesn't include you, as you see it, please let us know what would.

Meanwhile: hang out, share your thoughts and feelings, and make yourselves at home.
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